Coaching Venture Capitalist Investors

Confidential and knowledgeable Venture Capitalist Coach who’s got your back

You’re backing founders, managing LP’s, and leading a team, but who’s got your back?

As a VC, you have limited time to make high-impact decisions. A VC coach provides space and structure for the reflection that is necessary for efficient learning, growth and optimized decision making.
Give yourself the room for reflection with a trusted confidant who has been there.
Coaching might just give you the highest ROI
Olympic athletes and CEOs are already going through herculean efforts with the support of a coach, so why not VCs? Being a VC is not an easy job, and a little help might just have a lot of impact.
My favorite VC clients want to make more impact
I love working with high achieving ethical VCs who want to increase their positive impact. I believe being more intentional about your professional and personal goals can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Let me help you to be the best version of yourself.


I do:

  • help to sharpen your goals, and identify how to achieve your goals with concrete action steps.

  • help you get from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be).

  • listen actively, am fully present for whatever you need to discuss (you decide).

  • keep what we speak about confidential while challenging you with powerful & direct questions.

I don't

  • tell you what to do. If you need this, it's better to hire a consultant or advisor. Instead, I'll help you find the answer that is best for you simply by asking the right questions.

  • deal with childhood trauma’s. If we uncover deeply rooted psychological or physical issues in our session(s), I will have to refer you to a GP, psychologist, or other medical professionals licensed for this.

  • attach to the outcome of our coach sessions like a Manager could do because of conflicting interests. This does not limit your desire or thinking within a certain box.

My process

1. Discovery
Please book an introduction call through this link
I’ll confirm and during the discovery call we can find out if we may be a good fit.I’ll ask for some background, challenges, and goals for coaching.

2. Proposal
Want to move forward? I’ll send a detailed Coach Agreement Proposal that outlines the scope of work including the objective and Confidentiality. It also includes estimated pricing, the number and duration of sessions, and the details on invoicing.

3. Contract
Once you’re blown away by the proposal (in a good way), we’ll plant our virtual signs on a Coaching Agreement including confirmation of confidentiality. Let the partnership begin!

Hey, I’m Anieke,
the heart and brains behind The VC Coach.

My mission is to make the future of venture capital more human. As a certified executive coach based in Portugal and originally from the Netherlands, I have coached, (co)invested alongside, and advised dozens of Venture Capitalists across Europe and the US.My focus is on Venture Capitalists who want to be more impactful as sustainable leaders.

My background
I’m a former VC who has seen a broad range of the VC spectrum from the inside: from Private Equity and Corporate VC to an independent Impact VC fund, and from being an informal investors, VC Scouts to being an operator in a startup.
Having worked for VC for over a decade, I know the pain of not having a clear Learning & Development program and support system in place.

My vibe
My collaborative spirit means I’m easy to work with and I know how to achieve impact. From my own experience, I know the value a confidential outside coach can bring to the quality of the decisions made in a fund. This is why I started The VC Coach. So that VCs can be coached in showing up as the best versions of themselves and to make more positive impact.

My vision
I believe in the importance of making VCs:
More human, impact and purpose-driven: return and impact can go hand in hand!
More collaborative and entrepreneurial, less hierarchical and political,
Less biased, more diverse, and inclusive
I believe that indirectly The VC coach can help the Venture Capital sector to become more empowering, impactful, and inclusive.

Let’s collab
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